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Scaffold Sculpture

Steve on 1st Floor Guest Pod

Myron and Steve discuss lack of right angles.


View from the South.

Steve starts the Dining Room Floor in the sky.

Come on inside.

Main pod framing with blocking for tile

Framing for screened porch and deck

View from below with scaffolding

SW end of main pod with parapet wall (study and lower bath with roof terrace above) gets first wall framing

Stairs to basement

View from NW corner of main pod.

Stair from Utility Room below.

View of study and lower bathroom from future roof terrace and outdoor shower location.

View from future roof terrace toward the North

Guest Pod all decked out.

View from North terrace showing the "wrapping" of our favorite beech tree by the house.

NE main pod corner view of structural steel and framing at south end.

Main pod South view showing study and bathroom windows and level of roof terrace.

West end of house with screened porch framing

Frank on the roof terrace at location of future outdoor shower.

South end of house with roof terrace above.

Large horizontal window at intersection of bridge and main pod.

Entry Hall looking East

Roof Terrace floor framing complete.

Complicated framing for "stair object" and HVAC ducts. Millwork passes through two floors here with a 3" wide whole in the floor in front of the millwork.

Floor framing for gallery bridge.

Scaffolding rigs to work on bridge framing.

Bridge decking with guest pod sleeping loft below.

Guest pod interior showing closet.

Guest pod from main pod.

Guest pod from below.

View from guest pod scaffolding.

Guest sleeping loft east wall with 3 clerstory window openings.

South end of guest pod with kitchenette below and laundry room above.

Sleeping loft.

2x8 framing at double high section of guest pod.

Going vertical in the gallery.

Starting to look like a house.

View of whole house from the West.