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Site photos from the clearing, excavation, footing and foundation wall installation, and slab pour. Click here to go back to main weblog.

In the beginning............

Dr. Moldenhauer

Cedar Heart

Frank tries his hand at the big scoop.

The dream begins.

Welcome to Mimosa Drive.

Setting the septic tanks.

Yo Billy! Watch where you're pointing that thing.

Ellen in the cellar


Main house footing prep

Take a number.

Concrete pump truck

The big pour

East entry footing

Scary signage

Fill er' up

Main house foundation wall pour. Cool color on the formwork!

Inside Main House Utility and Mechanical Room

View from the West

Make it smooth!

They called him "Senor Hefty"

Concrete Tinker Toys.

Pour detail

Carport Storage

Guest Pod

Ellen Praying Everything Lines Up

Looks good to me

Footings for steel columns North side


Zach preps for steel

Slab prep. "You folks might consider investing in a square"

Backfill in place. View to North.

Driveway grading almost complete

Cici and Ellen take it all in.

Why is this man smiling?

Ellen's favorite detail--the latent image of the concrete formwork hinge.

Carport Storage Slab

Sunset on the new slab.

Mark's guys make a beautiful retaining wall. All of the rocks are from site excavation.

Slab finishing.